metalhaed.jpgFeeling paranoid
True enemy or false friend?
Anxietys attacking me, and
My air is getting thin.
Im in trouble for the things
I havent got to yet.
Im chomping at the bit, and my
Palms are getting wet, sweating bullets

Baby Huey writes about the first album he ever bought and how it made him more metal than you.


vomitorium.jpgShe decides that what she really wants to do is to vomit up a pile of medicine, snacks and chocolate milk all over the living room floor.

Just Desserts

dessert.gifWhat makes a holiday a "holiday" ? Is it time with friends and family ? Presents ? The gigantic meal that we always regret about two hours later ? Hell no, we say! It's the desserts... The brussel sprouts will make you gag, but our picks will keep you at the table.

Man Up

mitchum.jpg What the fuck did I know about being a man ? I was fourteen. I barely knew how to wipe my own ass and he was asking me to act like a man ?

One Time At The Video Store

rsmskull.jpg As we wandered around the outer isles looking for new releases, my daughter's attention was immediately drawn to The Punisher DVD. At first I wondered what little girl in her right mind would be attracted to such a thing...

Healthy Eating Is For Wimps

Broccoli.jpg Sloth [slawth] –noun --1. habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness. 2. a pack or group of bears. 3. a hard rock/heavy metal band. 4. one of the Seven Deadly Sins 5. loves Chunk.

Reliable Repeats Part I

zombi.jpg Today I’m talking about the movies that I tend to watch the most. Not necessarily the ones I like the most, but the ones I watch the most. Sometimes I’ll put on a movie because it’s late, and I feel like sleeping on the couch. I might want a good one to hold my attention until I fall asleep...


WHAT'S PLAYING - Turtle and Michele turn it on and put it out. A write up on whatever they are hearing at the moment

Not your ordinary album reviews. T/M

- Muscle cars and other things that go vrooooooooom! T/M
- We love movies. We praise them, make fun of them and worship the acting skills of Mr. Patrick Swayze. T/M

- Where we feed the OCD monster that lives inside us. Music, movies, lists of lists ! T/M

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